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July 31, 2014 at 3:30am
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I love it when I remember to look at Facebook


I love it when I remember to look at Facebook

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My god I love bushes/trees cut into geometrical shapes. I NEED A COOL GARDEN TO WANDER THROUGH!!

July 30, 2014 at 11:54am
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"All my ex-girlfriends are Asian."

If you’ve ever come across this charming come-on, you’ve probably been exposed to yellow fever

For her full rant watch the video here.

Look at how HuffPo, the supposed LIBERAL blog, called her video a ‘rant’.

ANY TIME Black people or not-Black POC are speaking about racism, 

The white mainstream media calls it a ‘rant’ to delegitimize it. 

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July 29, 2014 at 3:14am
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sup with squares on craigslist. “no drinking. no overnight guests.” who are you? jeez.

July 28, 2014 at 5:07am
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so, lately i haven’t been able to fall asleep at a reasonable hour. anyway, while i was up, i stalked my own fa-boo. here’s a link to some silly music things i made via (2007-2010). seriously, though, maybe this is just funny to me, but there’s some stuff from early college/late high school that i totally forgot about that’s goofin’ off (for any of my followers who are my IRL friends— “i am a little ant crawling up your leg.” also i sing in it? i forgot that i used to sing and record stuff. 


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Ultimate sigh

July 27, 2014 at 11:45pm
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i was at a party this weekend. i told someone that i had majored in creative writing (focus on poetry) & sociology. their response was “wow, that’s bold,” without skipping a beat. THANK YOU. can liberal arts/social science majors get ANY respect around here?!! no, i do NOT want to major in computer. if that’s you, then that’s you. but i’m over here, doin’ me. 

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thank you!!!

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Alright guys listen up!


The Newton County animal shelter in Indiana is going to be shut down.

Why is this such a big deal? Because It’s a no kill shelter.

Newton County does not want to fund a no kill shelter anymore.

The dogs in there have until August 1st, until they are killed.

So people need to adopt them, or help fund it, and get it to $3000.

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July 26, 2014 at 4:18am
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Helping loved ones who deal with anxiety/panic attacks, ptsd, or even just depression can be difficult, but here are some really great pointers.


I know you don’t always know how to help me during these. So here. This.

To all my friends that are around me when I am having a panic attack.

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Michelle Obama Honors Janelle Monae At Grammy Luncheon

published on July 18 by Shannon

First Lady Michelle Obama delivered the keynote address at the Grammy Museum’s Jane Ortner Education Awards Luncheon Wednesday on the importance of arts education in our school system. She was also there to honor singer Janelle Monae for her mentorship with young students through the Grammy Museum’s educational efforts. The six-time Grammy nominated singer was honored along with teacher Sunshine Cavalluzzi.

As she honored Monae, Mrs. Obama spoke about the importance of the arts in education to the our children, while adding that an expansion of the program is needed so that every child is involved.

“Engagement in the arts can unlock a world of possibilities for our young people. … For many young people, arts education is the only reason they get out of bed in the morning,” Michelle said (via the Los Angeles Times). “Just like Janelle, they go to school each day because there’s an instrument they want to play, a musical they want to perform in, a painting they are dying to finish. So then once they arrive in those classrooms, that’s when we can teach them something else, like math and writing and science. That is the power of the arts for so many of our young people.”

Janelle Monae also gave a moving performance at the event.

images courtesy of Getty

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i want to be that eccentric friend with lots of money that gets all the other characters on the sitcom out of jams 

this is going to be my answer for that “where do you see yourself in 10 years?” question they ask in interviews

July 25, 2014 at 8:55pm
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Stressing out a lot

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We already knew “Game of Thrones” was headed to Dorne in Season 5, but now we finally know who will be playing Oberyn Martell’s Dornish relatives.

Find out more about each new character here.


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The fact that kick starters like potato salad and balloons are getting hundreds of thousands of dollars and kids who are trying to get crowd funding for their education get not a tenth of that is just a disappointing example of who people typically love to give money to anyway.